Landscape design – Technical and financial proposal

After we visit your premises, and we have all the necessary data such as dimensions, weather conditions etc we provide a complete proposal with alternative choices. Our goal is the aesthetic design in accordance with the environmental conditions, the surrounding area, the expected use conditions, your preferences and the maintenance plan.

Sod Production

The sod production is performed in an area of 50 acres. The production is adjusted to the local mixtures conditions, based on our 20 years of experience.

Plant Production

We produce all the well known ornamental bushes, trees and plants. Also, we provide all kinds of fruitful trees in various sizes.

Irrigation Systems

Lawn and plants irrigation, using always the most suitable, updated, approved and tested products in the market (pipes, components and fitting, sprinklers, drip irrigators etc.)

Garden Lightning

The result of the lighting design is a very different and impressive perspective of the garden. Among the many benefits is the ability to move and use the garden area during times with limited light.

The lights are carefully designed and placed in areas of the garden that we wish to emphasize.

Planting and landscaping works – Irrigation system installation

We take over from house gardens to large hotel garden areas as well as public projects.

The company's experience is wide - it starts in 1990 (a list of clients and projects can be found on another page). Our staff consist of experienced and specialized agriculturists and technicians.

Sport fields with synthetic turf

Soccer fields with synthetic turf have some disadvantages compared to those with natural turf. On the other hand, it is a perfect solution in cases that it is not possible to maintain the natural turf (lack of water, specialized workers, money for fertilizers, machines). Also, we have a stable state of the field, in comparison with the natural turf, during the whole year.

Artificial lakes open tanks for irrigation

For areas where the lack of water is a critical problem for farms, the construction of an artificial open lake tank is a real solution.

Greenhouse Control

HEATING: With metal or plastic pipes, air heaters, boilers, circulators, automation systems.

Agricultural Supplies (fertilizers – planting soil – seeds – machinery)

At the agricultural supplies store you can find all the necessary special products for your garden and farm.

Garden Maintenance

Our company carries out all the necessary works required to maintain a garden, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

Disinfections and Disinsectisations

We apply H.A.A.C.P. approved methods for disinfections, disinsectisations, pest controls (electrical appliances against flying insects, sticky surfaces, bait traps).

Roof garden

Roof gardens construction including planting of herbals, lawn, bushes and trees.